What is Urisen Tokyo

Urisen Tokyo is a gay-oriented brothel.
In Japan, it is called "Urisen".
*The shop operates under the Japanese name Push.

Urisen Tokyo specializes in going to your home or hotel room, so there are no private rooms available.
Please prepare a place where you can invite the cast members when you use the service.
*Our coverage area is Tokyo only.

Please note that some of our staff and cast members speak only Japanese.
We will do our best to escort you, but please understand that there is a possibility that you may experience difficulties in conversation.

What we can do

We do offer sexual services.

However, different cast members are capable of different services.

Please refer to each cast member's individual page for information on possible plays, such as bottom and top, when selecting a cast member.

👉Cast page

How to change Language

The default for the cast page may be displayed in Japanese.
If this is the case, please change the language by following the instructions below.



Click on the flag symbol to the right of the menu.


Select the flag of your language.

【Smart Phone】


Tap the menu button in the upper right corner of the page.


Tap the flag symbol button at the bottom of the menu.


Select the flag of your language.